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    Toronto Raptors: 2016-17 Season

    Energy ☄️is an interesting thing, isn't it? Sometimes we look/wait/work for that "big" moment that changes things in our life, whether it be professional or personal. But, I'm learning to really appreciate all the small steps that subtly pile up and make that big moment #comeoutofnowhere. For me, my passion for the game of 🏀 started when I was about 7-8 years old. I idolized players like Michael Jordan and Shaq, they were larger than life and had super human powers. It continued when I played for my city (Brampton at the time) at the OBA (Ontario Basketball Association) Provincial Championships years later. I have so many great memories of my Dad taking me across the province for games and tournaments. I could go on, but salute if you've read this far on an IG post. These key moments helped me further develop my passion for sport and love for basketball. My drive, skill set and passion for music kicked in eventually leading me to a few unique opportunities. This past summer I was the official "Internal Reporter" for @nike Crown League (first one ever in 🇨🇦), I captured photos, video and did interviews with NBA players, Olympians, local legends and more. So thankful for each step along the way C. Rankine & D. Gibson!  All of these experiences undoubtedly prepared me for everything that I have in my journey.


    Last night, I was blessed and rewarded yet again. I never had a season's pass to Canada's Wonderland growing up, but Mama... I'm on a ride 


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